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Land / Acquisitions

We are delighted to be able to offer land opportunities with and without PP.

Is also able to fund acquisitions and joint ventures from £100,000 to £100,000,000. We are able to acquire with or without planning. We are able to fund full planning at risk, for more information, get in touch today. If you are looking to acquire or sell then we are the team for you.

Our team has over

30+ Years’ Experience

At Prana Leisure Group we have more than over 30+ years of experience working with some of the industry’s largest groups as well as small independent operators. During this time we have built up a large pool of knowledge and provide park operators with a diverse and hands-on approach.

We understand that every park is different. Because of this, we promise to only advocate the services which are required to help you maximize your potential. Furthermore, our team offers a free no-obligation overview of your park with recommendations to help improve its performance.

The Prana Leisure Group Difference

The Prana Leisure Group


We have been based within the leisure industry for numerous years.

We like to think that this gives us a bit of an edge when it comes to operating as successful agents. We know what buyers are looking for, what needs to happen to push through with the acquisition process, and what clients ought to be looking for about expansion potential and EBITDA drivers. Where other agents might give you a guide price based on the EBITDA multiple of basic values - we operate slightly differently. We look at the full overview of your business, evaluate market appetite, estimate who is buying where, and examine how much that they are paying. We will then analyze any granted PP or potential and use all of this information to show a three-year revenue projection based on the various sales/rental mixes. It is this efficiency combined with a little black book full of contacts, that ensures we gather clients the best value for every sale they make. This is just one of the many things that contribute to the Prana Leisure Group difference in leisure & residential. We truly are a different breed.

We understand and appreciate that 

as a buyer in the current market that complete discretion and access to off-market opportunities is key. We act in the strictest confidence with a water-tight NDA in place. We have exclusivity agreements in place with multiple land opportunities and are well-placed to source land/site acquisitions to your specific requirements.

The Prana Leisure Group Promises

The Prana Leisure Group


Prana Leisure Group


Take advantage of our expert industry knowledge and let us advise and manage your Park from end-to-end.

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